Avengers Endgame Daywise Box Office Collection Total Worldwide in Rupees

Avengers Endgame Daywise Box Office Collection Total Worldwide in Rupees:

Here’s get the info about Avengers Endgame Box Office Collection Worldwide. Avengers Endgame Movie Collects Total Box Office Collection over the world is  ₹. 19,445 Cr.rupees.    
Avengers Endgame Movie Directed By an Anthony Russo and Joe Russo and it’s Leading Casts includes

Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, etc.  Avengers Endgame Genre is Action/Adventure/Thriller.                                                    

Released on: 26 April 2019

₹. 2500 Cr.  Approx*
 Opening Day Box Office Collection Worldwide
₹. 1100 Cr.   Approx*

 Box Office Collection India
₹. 445 Cr.   Approx*

 United States Box Office Collection
₹. 6,000 Cr Approx*

 Overseas Box Office Collection
₹. 13,000 Cr.

Avengers Endgame Worldwide Box Office Alltime
₹. 19,445 Cr.


Avengers Endgame Box Office Collection Daywise Domestic(USA) Alltime :

Total Collection Worldwide (approx.*)
1st Day
₹. 1100 Cr.
2nd Day
₹. 764 Cr
3rd Day
₹. 632 Cr
Weekend Gross
₹.2496 Cr
4th Day
₹. 258 Cr
5th Day
₹. 231 Cr
6th Day
₹. 176 Cr
7th Day
₹. 150 Cr
Week 1 Total
₹. 3300 Cr.
Week 2 Total
₹. 1300 Cr
Week 3 Total
₹. 566 Cr
Week 4 Total
₹. 279 Cr
Week 5 Total
₹. 184 Cr
Week 10 Gross
₹. 5900 Cr
Week 15 Gross
₹. 6000 Cr
Week 20 Gross
₹. 6080 Cr

Verdict: All Time Blockbuster

Avengers Endgame Cast:

Released On
26th April 2019
Anthony Russo
Joe Russo
Brie Larson
Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth, etc.
Production House
Marvel Studios
English, Hindi, etc.
Christopher Markus
Stephen McFeely

Shooting Place: United States

Avengers Endgame Short Review:

Avengers Endgame is a Biggest Box Office collection Movie Worldwide Alltime with Rs. 19445 Cr. Rupees. In the USA, Avengers Endgame box office collection is Around to ₹. 6000 Cr. Box Office of Avengers Endgame in Overseas is around to ₹. 13000 Cr rupees.

Marvel Studio’s Creation “Avengers endgame” is the best example of a Mixation of various characters on the same screen. This an unbelievable thing, which is done by the marvel studio. Fantastic work is done by Russo Brothers, for making Avengers Endgame Successful.

Marvel Studio collects all things for Success of this movie.
In Avengers Endgame, all super Heros Comes together for defeating Thanos who is Big villain of this film. Each part of writing, directing, acting, editing is making with an accuracy.

Avengers Endgame movie is full Masala of Action and Adventures Scenes.

This Movie collects Rs. 445 Cr.  in India which is highest by the Hollywood movie.

The record’s Made By Avengers Endgame Box Office Collection:

  ü Avengers Endgame is an Alltime Highest box office collection Movie Worldwide with a ₹. 19445 Cr.

  ü This Is a Top movie in the list of Box office collection 2019 Worldwide.

  ü Also Avengers endgame is the Highest Hollywood Box office Collection Movie Alltime.

  ü Top Movie Of Hollywood Box office Collection 2019.

  ü This is a 2nd Highest Movie of Domestic Box office collection All-Time with ₹ 6000 Cr.

  ü It is the highest 1st opening day box office collection movie with a ₹ 1100 Cr.

  ü This is the highest ₹.1000 Cr.  box office Collection movie.

  ü This is the highest ₹. 2000 Cr Box Office collection movie.

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